Silver White Winters

silverwhitewinters-e1320767895724My sister Jenna is awesome. She surprised me a few years ago by giving me Silver White Winters for Christmas.

Silver White Winters was an online only, exclusive, and very limited edition Yankee Candle released as part of the “My Favorite Things” candle collection (circa 2012). The sale of this candle (with the link) was announced via Facebook after a vote of which candle it should be!

I was hesitant to light this candle for the longest time….after all….it’s not like I can easily get another!

But then I thought…what good is a candle if I never get to experience it? So….Silver White Winters is my August large jar!

swwThe Scent: Wow! I love this scent! It is almost like a mash-up of Sparkling Snow and Christmas Tree. A mix of fresh, clean snowfall with aromatic spruce needles! You keep smelling different notes….from a clean masculine note, to that crystal clean “snow” note, to a sharp pine note. It’s unique and lovely! B+

The Throw: I was so worried that “limited edition” meant “limited oils” BUT the throw is actually quite nice! I’d give it a solid medium throw. While the scent radius is only average (keep it to a mid-sized room or burn on a table within 10 feet of your nose), it filled up my home office all weekend! It does “fade” into the background after your nose gets used to the scent…but it is far from scentless or weak! B

As a bonus, this one got the “What scent is this? I like it?” from my husband!

I will report back at the end of this one!

-Kari Ann-



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