Yankee Candle Village Part II


I got the chance to visit Yankee Candle Village for a quick lunch last Friday! In yesterday’s post, I showed off some pictures from the Boney Bunch display! (Sorry if the pictures are a little dim….the lighting in the room was low!)

This past Friday (August 7) was the release of Luke Bryan’s new cd…and Yankee Candle was having a release party. Now, I have to be honest, I don’t really know anything about Luke Bryan, but it was fun to be part of this event!

Here are a few “notable mentions” of candles I saw. I didn’t buy anything since I was camping all weekend and knew the sun would ruin anything I bought!

Y2Chocolate Cappuccino: This is a returning Treasure that I was dying to sniff! Well, it’s okay! The chocolate note is similar to the Chocolate Layer Cake scent (which I actually hate) and it is dominate over the coffee note! It’s too bad….I would have loved to try this scent as a tart, but it was not worth $27.99 to me!

y4Bavarian Pretzel: I remember when this World Journey was my #1 quest to find. This picture is from the Sales Scenter, meaning they were on clearance! There was another whole shelf of these! I actually love the cold scent of Bavarian Preztel, although I have never burned it!



New England Maple: There were two versions of this scent in the Treasures section. I know there was a New England Maple World Journey released a few years ago…but the cold sniff made it seem pretty scentless. This one had a nice maple scent….and I loved both designs! I am a New England girl after all!

Y7Kill the Lights: This was the special Luke Bryan candle…it is the new Fall 2015 scent Vanilla Bourbon. This scent is spectacular, and if you are a Luke Bryan fan, it is even better! The associate at Yankee Candle told me this was his signature scent!

Y8Berry Tangerine: This is one of my favorites! It smells like a fruit roll-up! A perfect berry-citrus combo! It is a Treasure, but it is one worth seeking out! The throw is wonderful!

Spring Days: Another favorite of mine that also is a Treasure! This cute candle is a fresh scent with a touch of floral!

I only got to run through a few rooms at Yankee Candle Village, but I’m glad I got to visit! I got the vegan burger at Chandler’s and it was delicious!

-Kari Ann



    • Sorry Emma, I unfortunately don’t know too much. All I know is that it’s hard to find. I think Yankee Candle brings it out as a Treasure during Christmas. There is always buzz on the candle forums and facebook about where to find it. From what I’ve heard, it is similar (but not a copy) to Sparkling Snow (BUT not sure if that is true since I’ve never seen it!) There are also versions (different scent) that pop up in Homegoods like Sparkling Angel. Sorry!

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