Relaxing Rituals: Refresh

I was a little sad that the Relaxing Rituals line from Yankee Candle didn’t catch on. I first discovered this line during last summer’s semi-annual sale (2014), just as it was being discontinued!

Relaxing Rituals were a series of 5 “states of mind” which each had 3 associated scents. For example, I previously tried out Comfort, which is a blend of Cardamon,Rose, and Cedarwood. 

A few months ago, my nearby Yankee Candle Outlet had most of the Relaxing Rituals as tarts, so I grabbed the remaining 4 “states of mind” to at least try them out!

RefreshLast night, I melted Refresh, which is a blend of Mandarin, Eucalyptus, and Sage.

My Quick Rant/Rave: Refresh is a great example of why you should always try a scent, even if you think you’ll hate it (In tart form at least!). One of my least favorite candles scents is Sage & Citrus (hate it!). Refresh had all the components to be a hated scent for me: but I actually didn’t mind it! While I won’t be running to Yankee Candle anytime soon to buy more, I did enjoy this scent a lot more than I expected!

The Scent: The sage note is probably the strongest, but it is countered very nicely with a tart and citrusy mandarin note. This mandarin scent gives it a touch of brightness that I always feel is lacking from Sage & Citrus. Then you get a slight “cooling” note from the eucalyptus, which mellows out that sage scent (so it’s never over-bearing). B- 

The Throw: Wow! This one filled up my living room like a champ! This one is strong, but not headache-inducing. And it’s scent is still lingering in my living room right now. I had to check last night because I thought I forgot to shut off my tart warmer! A

Overall, this scent was okay….and I may even say (don’t hate on me) is an improvement to Sage & Citrus. I certainly felt refreshed!

-Kari Ann-


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