Final Thoughts on Silver White Winters

I finished my jar of Silver White Winters on Thursday….so now that I’ve gotten a full jar’s worth, how did my original review hold up?

aaaThe Scent Revisited: I love this fresh and clean winter scent! It did remind me of Sparkling Snow mixed with a nice pine scent, making it a wonderful wintry mix! It was one of those special scents that is wintry without being too Christmas-like. The B+ stays!

The Throw Revisited: I had very little expectations for this rare/limited edition scent. But I was very pleased! The throw was a medium that filled up my living room nicely. It was a scent that would fade into the background after an hour or two, but did it’s job of creating a “wintry” experience. It was not the best throw in the world, but mostly definitely a great performer! The B- stays!

Overall, I really liked Silver White Winters. It was a great snow-pine scent that is perfect for winter. It was unique-enough in a sea of “pine” scents, but still had that classic feeling. I keep seeing posts on Facebook showing this scent on EBay for 100’s of dollars. So I guess it is a rare collectors item now.

Up next: Honey & Biscuits!

-Kari Ann



  1. It’s so sad when you finish up a limited ed that you really like! I melted the very last of my Warm Woolen Mittens earlier this year and hoping another one will appear magically at the outlet someday 😦

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