Honey & Biscuits

My September candle: Honey & Biscuits!

HoneyThis scent was a UK exclusive about 3 years ago. I bought it at the Deerfield, MA flagship store because 1) It smelled amazing! and 2) I am a sucker for the word exclusive!

Although it was not sold in US Yankee Candle stores, Honey & Biscuits was sometimes seem at Outlets (I have a votive) and in the flagship stores. Continuing on with me “savor don’t save” mentality for candles, I decided to finally burn this one!

The Scent: A deliciously unique bread and honey scent! It is a sweet, food based scent, but its not desserty! The honey has those nice amber notes and is balanced by a yeasty, fresh baked biscuit scent! I love this scent, especially since there are no other scents I can compare it to! B+

honey2The Throw: The throw is pretty average; there are periods of “wow, this is nice” and “is the candle lit?” So it’s not bad, but will blend into the background! I’d place it as a medium throw! C+

Unfortunately, Honey and Biscuits is having a major tunneling problem! This is the biggest trouble-maker I’ve had in a while! So far, my special foil hat trick isn’t even working!

-Kari Ann-



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