Candy Cane Lane

How do you select the “tart of the day” to melt?

More often than not, I just reach into my Yankee Candle bag (where I keep my tarts) and pull one out!

And that’s how I ended up trying Candy Cane Lane in the beginning of September! I bought this tart last year at my local outlet, but have never tried it!

cclThe Scent: I was a bit thrown off by this one. With a name like Candy Cane Lane, I expected a pepperminty scent! Instead, this one reminded me of a Ribbon Candy/Cookie mash-up. It was not a bad scent, but I could not detect any mint. Instead, it was a weird, but enjoyable, vanilla frosted cookie with raspberry jam scent. I was indifferent to it, but I think I was just confused by the name! B-

The Throw: On the lighter side…maybe a light-medium at best and very short lived. Not the worst I’ve ever melted, but nothing to write home about. C-

While this one did get a pretty bad review, I feel like I should give Candy Cane Lane another try if it returns this year. I feel like a jar would have a better throw…..and now that I know what scent to expected…I won’t be so confused. “Why does my house smell like cookies….hmm, this mint tart has no scent”

Maybe I should read scent descriptions before I try a new scent. Or at least sniff the tart!

-Kari Ann-



  1. I’ll tell you how i choose my “Tart of the Day”- i sort my tarts by scent category (Fresh, Fruit, Festive, etc.), alphabetize them then melt them A to Z. Random scent-wise but orderly in the sense that they are alphabetized. 🙂 I’m one of those folks who can’t quite bring themselves to melt “out of season” scents. I could NEVER do Storm Watch or Lilac Blossoms in January, for instance. I know, that’s pretty silly. I DO make the occasional exception but i have to have SOME control in my life! 🙂

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