Trip to Sturbridge

stur1This past weekend, I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. By luck, the hotel I stayed at was walking distance to an adorable, stand-alone, Yankee Candle!

11986355_10100372318662561_7883452453081041100_nI am so used to Yankee Candle being in a mall, that these “house-looking” stores really stand out! I just had to pop in and look around, and of course buy a few new Fall tarts!


I also was obsessed with these tea towels! I bought one for my friend as a wedding gift and two for me!

stur2To the side of this Yankee Candle was a “Seconds” shop that was a bit like an outlet mixed with the Sales Scenter area in Deerfield. I feel in love with Peppermint Martini (so perfect….cool mint with sharp vodka!), but knew that glass would not travel well for me!

I have been away from home for so many weekends…so not too much burning on my end! BUT I cannot wait to try these new fall tarts!

-Kari Ann-



    • Jean, I had not seen Peppermint Martini before, so I think its new. But, based on how it looks, it could be a Homegoods, Marshalls, or Kohls scent.

      I think there will be a holiday “drink” line based on the winter scents I’ve seen in the outlet, but I don’t know where they will be sold. Hope that helps!

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