Relaxing Rituals: Calm

Continuing on my with quest to try all the Relaxing Rituals blends…I melted Calm! This is a now retired line of Yankee Candles that is making its rounds on the Outlet scene.

Calm is a mix of vanilla, lavender, and sandalwood.

calmI can’t lie, Calm is the one that appeals to me the least. I’ve never been a lavender lover…and sandalwood does nothing for me. BUT I had to try it!

The Scent: That lavender note is by far the most dominant scent of the three….in fact, Calm could just be relabeled as lavender. And that lavender note was nothing special (and even a tad artificial.) It actually needed that sandalwood note to balance to floral…but it was pretty much undetectable. Eh, I hated this one! D-

The Throw: It was a solid medium throw, as it filled up my living room easily for the entire night. So, if you like lavender, this may be worth a try! B+

So, this one was not for me…but I’m glad I tried it! You can check out my review on Uplift, Refresh, and Comfort if you want more on the Relaxing Rituals line.

-Kari Ann-



  1. I had to tell you about these wax cubes I just got at my grocery store. I have a Yankee Candle tart warmer but no tarts, so I decided to break down and try some wax cubes at my grocery store Publix. The brand is Candle-lite essential elements, and the scent is Jasmine & Patchouli. The package reads “six highly scented wax cubes”. I was so surprised at how pleasant the scent is. There is none of that soapy after-smell that some of the YC tarts have, which is what I thought I would get. I really hope you can try this one!

    • Thank you so much! I’ll hunt around (Candle-lite…I can remember that!) I don’t have a Publix in my area…but I have a few others that I haven’t browsed for candles yet! I’ve been wanting to try another wax cube brand besides BH&G and YC! Thank you!!! 🙂

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