Autumn in the Park

I could not wait to try the new Fall 2015 scent Autumn in the Park from Yankee Candle!

AITPUpon cold sniff, this new scent excited me the most from Yankee Candle’s new fall line! It smelled like the perfect fall day at an apple orchard!

So….does the cold sniff live up to the actual melting on the tart?

The Scent: A delicious and perfect blend of crisp apple and Autumn Leaves! The juicy apple note pops and is balanced by that freshly fallen leaf scent that Yankee Candle nails! This one made me feel like I was picking apples on a chilly October at dawn! A

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw is nothing to write home about! The throw was a medium…which is great! BUT, it only lasted for about an hour before it faded into nothingness! It took forever to start to filled up my living room….and that hour or so was great…but it unfortunately died out just as fast. C+

So, this was was a winning scent with a very temporary winning throw….I’d give it a second shot!

-Kari Ann-


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