Vanilla Bourbon

#sisters in St. Michaels, Maryland
#sisters in St. Michaels, Maryland

Vanilla Bourbon is one of the new fall 2015 Yankee Candle scents!

It was one that I was excited to try! This weekend, Jenna flew to Maryland to visit me…and we both picked Vanilla Bourbon as the tart to melt Saturday night!

It had all the potential to be a great new fall classic, and I will note that Vanilla Bourbon has been received well by many other Yankee Candle lovers! However, this one fell a bit flat for me.

vbThe Scent: When lit, it was just okay! It’s hard to describe…all the notes you smell cold, the warm caramel, the creamy vanilla, the slight bite of aged liquor…seem to get muted once it’s melted. It was not a bad scent, just a let down. The vanilla cream disappeared and was drown by an amber caramel note. C

The Throw: I’d say above average. A medium throw that create a background ambiance. It filled my living room for the entire night, but could be a tad stronger, to be honest. B+

So I was disappointed in this one. It smells great cold, but melted just didn’t live up to the hype (for me at least!).

We also went to an Outlet! There were lot’s of great candles. I ended up snapping pictures of these two!

Winter Glow has been popping up on the YC facebook page. It is hard to describe...slightly reminiscent of Sparkling Snow?
Winter Glow has been popping up on the YC facebook page. It is hard to describe…slightly reminiscent of Sparkling Snow?
Purr-Chouli, simply because it's a cat!
Purr-Chouli, simply because it’s a cat!

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