Churned Ice Cream

I got to sniff Churned Ice Cream a few months ago at my local Yankee Candle Outlet and fell in love!

This Limited Edition Summer 2015 scent, available at Yankee Candle outlets, is a perfect summer time treat! Jenna bought me a jar for my birthday this past weekend! Thank you Jenna!

churned ice creamUnfortunately, the throw so far has been meh 😦

The Scent: A wonderful homemade vanilla ice cream! It smells smooth, creamy, hand-churned…..a perfect vanilla ice cream! It reminds me of getting an ice cream cone at a dairy farm on a summer evening! A+

The Throw: So far, the throw on this one has been very weak…almost scentless. You can only smell that delicious creamy vanilla if you place your nose right over the jar. I hope it picks up! So far, it has been burning like a dream at least! D-

So, an amazing scent with a poor throw. I will continue to burn and report back in a few weeks!

-Kari Ann


One comment

  1. More often than not it seems like it takes about 3-4 really good, long, deep wax pool burns for my Yankees to start to throw the way i expect they should, regardless of whether or not they come from the retail store where i work PT (no, NOT a “dream job”, not by a long-shot! Retail drama sucks but that’s a different story) or from an Outlet or a discount store. Disappointing, yes but then when you DO get one that throws after 5 min. or so, it’s like winning the lottery, LOL! 😀

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