Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice is one of the new fall 2015 Yankee Candle scents.

I was excited to try this one! Cinnamon Sugar, a now retired Yankee Candle scent, had been a favorite of mine…and this one reminded me of that delicious spicy and sweet mash-up.

ssThe Scent: A wondrous mix of sanding sugar, fresh ground cinnamon, buttery caramel, maple, and vanilla. It is a childhood mix of soft candies and sweet taffies. BUT, those sweet and butter-like notes are more dominant; it left me wanting a touch more spice! And, in my opinion, that maple-like note was not needed! It still is yummy and definitely a fall baking scent. B

The Throw: My tart was only average. It was a light-medium throw that instantly faded into the background….the kind of throw your nose gets used to after only 20 minutes. So it is a fair scent. C+

In retrospect, this scent reminded me of Thanksgiving, so I may try it again in November. But, unfortunately, a confused scent with and average throw….nothing special, but nothing really bad to say….meh.

-Kari Ann


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