Relaxing Rituals: Tranquil

A few nights ago, I finally tried the last Relaxing Rituals blends from Yankee Candle: Tranquil.

Tranquil is a mix of waterlily, spearmint, and sea salt. It smells like a trip to the spa.

TranquilThe Scent: Okay, so I really liked this one. The sea salt was fresh and did not give me a migraine (VERY rare for “ocean-based” scents). That “ocean” scent was dominant, but subdued by a hint of watery floral and a dash of cooling mint. Think about being at the ocean, while holding a waterlily, while drinking mint-infused water. It was light and airy, yet very soothing! B+

The Throw: This throw was a perfect medium. It was not too strong, but not weak by any means. It is a great mood-setting scent, as it sets a back-ground of this spa-like experience. It filled up my living room for multiple hours! B+

So that’s it! I’ve tried all of the Relaxing Rituals. Below I’ve order them by my (personal) favorite (from my favorite to least favorite).

4Uplift: lemon, grapefruit, ginger

Tranquil: water lily, spearmint, sea salt

Refresh: mandarin, eucalyptus, sage

Comfort: cardamon, rose, cedarwood

Calm: vanilla, lavender, sandalwood

Which is your favorite?

-Kari Ann



  1. My favorite? A toss-up between Comfort and Calm. Too bad these didn’t work out for Yankee. They just seem to not be able to do Aromatherapy right, i guess. Or it’s their plan to release a line of it, retire them then re-package them all a few years later…

    • I agree! I was hoping they would stick around (I wanted a chance to “mix and match” my own blends). But it does always fail for YC!

      Comfort surprised me, I never would have thought to try that blend otherwise!…but it;s just nice to hear people did like the idea!

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