Crisp Morning Air

Crisp Morning Air is a new Fall 2015 Yankee Candle scent. This one would be categorized as a fresh scent and is actually very pleasant! I have a love or hate relationship with fresh scents, but this one hits all the right notes.

cmaThe Scent: It would be impossible to describe this scent. It does have that fresh, morning-air-in-autumn, scent. I honestly feel like everyone who smells this candle will detect different notes and memories. Story time: I used to live in a lakehouse. I was very lucky! It was a Sept-May rental when I was in grad school and the owner knew my husband. Crisp Morning Air smells like a cool October morning in Rhode Island on that small freshwater lake. I cannot decsribe any specific notes, just the memories it brings me! B+

The Throw: A perfect medium…and probably my favorite throw of the new fall scents! This one filled up my living room for hours. It was smellable the entire time, but never over-bearing! B+

While Crisp Morning Air may not be my favorite of the new fall scents, it had a great throw and was still incredible wonderful! If you like fresh scents, I recommend you give it a sniff!

It was not a traditional fall scent, in that it had no apple, pumpkin, or spice…but still smelled like autumn!

-Kari Ann



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