Final Thoughts on Honey & Biscuits

I finished off my jar of Honey & Biscuits last night. It was bittersweet since 1) this was a UK limited edition scent I got at Deerfield with Jenna but 2) it tunneled like crazy and only had an average throw.

Now that I’ve had 100 somewhat hours burning Honey & Biscuits, how did it hold up to my original review?

honey3The Scent: This was a warm and inviting scent. The honey notes were strongest, giving it a subtle sweetness that was not too sugary. And the biscuit note added that warm “bread-like” note making it more hearty than dessert-like. It was overall a very nice scent! Still a B+

The Throw: My original review hold up. Pretty average. There will be times when a light-medium scent fills up most of my living room, but it quick became forgettable. Other times, it seems like the candle was giving off almost no throw! It wasn’t a horrible throw, just nothing very impressive. I’m knocking it down to a C

My October scent….Celebrate Christmas! (I told everyone that I burn out of season!)

-Kari Ann-


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