Apple Spice

Hello Autumn! Anyone from New England surely has been to an apple orchard to pick apples! One of the best parts of these trips is the freshly made apple cider and cider donuts for sale at the orchard.

apple spiceApple cider donuts are magical and I was so happy when Yankee Candle came out with an Apple Spice scent last year.

In my opinion, the whole apple-cinnamon mix gets over-done for fall. Yes, I love the combination between these two fall staples, but there is so much more depth to bring to apple and spice than a bland potpourri mix.

While Apple Spice is still a cinnamon apple type of scent, it is so much more!

The Scent: This smells like a freshly made cider donut dipped in cinnamon sugar! The donut is cakey and that apple note is like a homemade apple sauce! It is the perfect foodie balance of cinnamon, sugar, apples, and a “baked” note. A-

The Throw: Pretty great! This one completely filled up my living room last night for many hours! I would say it is a medium throw. It’s not the strongest I’ve ever had, but it definitely does the job! This one will warm up even a large room! B+

This one is probably most similar to the new Sugar & Spice scent from Yankee Candle. But, in my opinion, Apple Spice is much better! It has that wow factor that is quintessentially autumn! And the throw is better!

-Kari Ann


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