Celebrate Christmas

My step mother-in-law Laura got me a jar of Celebrate Christmas last year…and it was finally time for me to burn it! I chose Celebrate Christmas for October since it really kicks off that cool holiday season mood!

ccThis scent premiered in the winter of 2013 and has stuck about because it is so well-liked. It most certainly is Christmasy, and has an incredible strong throw!

The Scent: At the base is a warm and spicy gingerbread. (If you like Yankee Candle’s Gingerbread scent, you will most likely love this scent!). But, to me at least, it has just a hint of spiced apple cider and a touch of caramel in it as well. It is truly a scent that reminds me of baking cookies on a cold and snowy winter day. A

The Throw: Wow, just wow! This one is strong! It completely fills up my living room, and a few other rooms, with the scent of gingerbread! This is a “notice me!” type of throw that does not fade into the background! The scent even lingers after the candle has been snuffed! Some may even think it is too strong, but in a large room, I think its perfect! A+

So, this one is a true winner! Wow! Thank you Laura!

-Kari Ann



  1. This is a great scent! Unfortunately i don’t think it will be in stores this year (unless they still have last year’s stock like my YC store). If you ever encounter Christmas Morning (it was an outlet/online exclusive last Christmas) it’s very similar but has fruit notes 🙂

    • It was retired! Nooooo! I’ll surely be going to the outlets, so I’ll keep my eye out. I love their gingerbread scent, so I will happy substitute Celebrate Christmas for that one! Thanks for the tip on Christmas Morning!

      • Based on what we are stocking at my store we won’t have Gingerbread either. Looks like Celebrate Christmas is indeed retired (very little of it left on the website) and Gingerbread is an “online exclusive”. Closest thing in stores now is the “new” Gingerbread Maple. We have a few Celebrate Christmas from last year in our stock room so check those Treasure hutches- that’s where “old stock” gets put 😉

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