Final Thoughts on Churned Ice Cream

I was really sad by the performance of this one!

churnedVanilla scented candles really get a bad wrap in the candle industry. They are a dime a dozen, and most have that horrible, artificial vanilla scent that is more waxy and chemically than it is vanilla.

Churned Ice Cream is that vanilla scent most dream about! A true french vanilla that smells more like fresh vanilla extract than those waxy vanilla candles!

Unfortunately, the throw on this one made it hard to like!

The Scent: This is really an amazing creamy vanilla scent! It smells like ice cream straight from a dairy farm! The A+ stays!

The Throw: So disappointing! Unless you have your nose literally right next to the candle, you get nothing! It is almost scentless! The D+ remains!

Which would you prefer: an amazing scented candle with almost no throw or an artificial smelling candle with a decent throw?

-Kari Ann



  1. I know that this is an old post, but I just discovered this site yesterday and I’m enjoying all of your reviews. I recently bought this candle (around Labor Day) at the Yankee Outlet near me (outside of Philadelphia). I definitely agree that on cold sniff it has one of the most authentic and creamy vanilla scents. However, a negative ZERO on the throw when lit…..but when I threw it into my candle crock, it produced a light throw.

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