Iced Carrot Cake (BH&G)

One of the fun parts of cleaning is finding things you forgot about! I had stored this wax cube package of Iced Carrot Cake with my tea lights….and just rediscovered it!

ICCThe Better Homes & Gardens line is sold at Walmart and typically runs around $2 for six wax cubes. From my experience, 2 wax cubes is about equivalent to 1 Yankee Candle tart.

The Scent: It’s okay….it smells like an imitation carrot cake scent. The “spices” in the carrot cake is what makes this scent not feel authentic. The iced note is nice (a creamy vanilla and confectionery sugar mix)….but for some reason, it just feels forced. Instead of an “I’m baking carrot cake” scent, I get an “I just used a room spray of carrot cake” scent.  C-

The Throw: Well, the scent may be lacking, but the throw certainly is not! This one is strong! It filled up my entire living room for hour upon hours! It’s the type of throw that lingers even after I shut off my warmer. Wow! A

This scent just isn’t for me. It’s not bad by any means…but its just lacks that “freshly baked” feeling. But I’m still happy I found it!

-Kari Ann


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