Mini Rant: Tarts that smell off

Here is a new section…mini rants.

Okay, show of hands: who has melted a tart that has smelled just plain weird?

Okay, now show of hands: who has melted that same scent at least a dozen times, know it smells awesome, but end up with a tart that smells bizarre?

north poleThat is what happened to me with North Pole.

North Pole is a vanilla-mint mix that is one of my husband’s favorites. I usually keep a tart on hand! I’ve reviewed this one before…raving about the scent!

Well, this time when I melted a tart…it just smelled off. Almost like a soft cheese that has been sitting out all night. (You know, when it’s a wine and cheese night and you forget to throw away the leftover cheese until the next morning?)

It wasn’t necessary a bad scent, just really strange and definitely NOT vanilla mint.

This phenomenon has happened to me before and it’s just strange! Too bad!

Just to note, this North Pole tart was from last winter’s Semi-Annual Sale!

-Kari Ann



  1. Where can I find marshmallow pop candle by signature soy
    I love the fragrance and can’t find it anywhere. I’m in southern ca
    Thank you much

    • Hi Zoe, I think Marshmallow Pop was part of Target/Signature Soy’s summer collection. Hopefully they will bring it back…but it’s all holiday scents from this brand in my region. (could also try amazon or ebay…or get lucky in target’s clearance section!)

      Sorry and good luck!

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