Candy Corn

Halloween, my favorite holiday, is less than a week away!

candy cornOf course I had to melt a tart of Candy Corn, a perennial Halloween scent by Yankee Candle!

This scent is one that I buy purely for the Halloween-theme. It is nothing special, but with a name like Candy Corn, how can I say no during a $1 tart sale?

The Scent: Sugary candy corn! It smells sweet and definitely reminds me of the white, orange, and yellow kernels of sugar! If sweet is you style, this one will deliver! B

The Throw: This is my biggest issue…the throw is pretty weak and short-lived. The throw is light; you will be able to smell it, but only in the faintest amount. The tart is only detectable for maybe 2 hours before the scent seemingly disappears. Pretty disappointing but not a lost cause. C-

c1So, the throw is very disappointing and the scent is just okay…but I just love that raven picture! Candy Corn is one that I will buy every year just for the nostalgia and reference to Halloween!

PS: I just returned from a wedding in the Syracuse, New York area. Weren’t the centerpieces lovely!

-Kari Ann



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