I love sangria. White, red, pink….sparkling or spiced….I’ll drink them all (in moderation of course!)

Anyways, it was love at first sniff when I found this Sangria tumbler at a Yankee Candle outlet…and Jenna bought it for me for my birthday!

Well, I finally got to light it, and I have very mixed feelings!

sangriaThe Scent: Cold, this candle smelled amazing! Like a wine-packed fruit punch. However, when lit, it takes on more of an artificial fruit mix scent. It’s not bad, in fact, it creates a nice mood. But it’s nothing special and disappointing compared to the promise the cold sniff brought! C+

The Throw: This is where I am torn! The first few burns of this candle had an overwhelming throw! I actually had to move it to my husband’s office because it was giving me a headache…and even in another room it still was filling up my living room! Talk about strong! However, now that its just past the halfway point, the throw is much weaker (about a light medium). I’ve never had a candle go from POW to PEW. (mixed C to A+)

As you can tell, Sangria was a strange “average” scent to me. But I’m glad I tried it!

-Kari Ann


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