Witches’ Brew

wb1Happy Halloween everyone! This is one of my favorite holidays!

My house is decorated and trick-or-treaters are just winding down now! To set the mood, I lit a tart of Witches’ Brew!

The Scent: This one is a spicy, incense-like scent with patchouli as the main note. It’s a bizarrely wonderful and unique scent that I am really enjoying! My husband has even notes: ‘wow, it smells nice in here.’ A

sahara1The Throw: This is a purrfect throw! It is completely filling up my living room with a medium-strong to strong throw! And it’s been lasting for hours! I’ve been melting this tart all day and it’s still giving off a solid throw! A+

This is one I will surely be lighting every Halloween for now on!

Happy Halloween from me and my cat Sahara!

-Kari Ann



  1. I love this scent and make sure to buy about 3 or 4 tarts of it ASAP as it usually runs out well-before Candy Corn. Years ago i bought a black pillar candle at Pier 1 for Halloween-time that was a Patchouli blend so that scent def. represents the season for me. I burn Patchouli all year, actually 🙂

  2. Looks like it’s back on the website though their it’s so error-prone i’d call them first if you want to order more. It also shows up at outlets sometimes, too. I know all of our remaining Halloween stock was shipped to our local outlet store (Pottstown, PA) last week…

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