Belgian Waffle

Belgian Waffle is a newer world journey candle that I bought a while back from Homegoods.

Cold, this scent seemed promising…like maple pancakes without the overwhelming maple note. In other words, a buttery waffle scent!

However, the throw is pretty much non-existent 😦

belgian waffleThe Scent: It does have a nice, warm and buttery waffle scent. Kind of like the smell of fresh waffles from a waffle iron during a brunch at a hotel or college cafeteria. Simple, savory, and a great bakery-like scent. Nothing amazingly special, but still satisfying! B-

The Throw: I’ve lit this medium tumbler every night for the past 4 days…and I mind as well not have even lit it! It is basically scentless. Unless I stand over the lit candle, something I do not condone, I can’t smell a thing! F

Unfortunately, Belgian Waffles has been a disappointing scent since the throw is so light! This is a rare miss from the World Journey collection!

-Kari Ann


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