Vanilla Bean Marshmallow (Wallflower)

For some reason, the air in my bedroom gets pretty stagnant….so a Wallflower is a must have to keep my closet smelling fresh! This plug-in from Bath & Body Works is my favorite. The scents are a-plenty and almost always stellar, and there are so many cute units to choose from!

Vanilla bean marshmallowThis month’s scent is Vanilla Bean Marshmallow!

The Scent: It is fairly average…but actually a perfect plug-in scent. The marshmallow comes off as sweet and milky, and that vanilla cream note adds another sweet scent. It is pleasant and, again, sweet, but works as a bedroom scent. It’s not over-bearing and doesn’t smell like I am making cookies. Nothing special, but far from terrible! B

The (bulb) Throw: It is a constituent light-medium with hints of medium throw. It’s the type of throw that you smell when you first walk into the room, but once your nose gets used to it the scent fades into the background. It is the exact kind of throw I want for a bedroom! A-

So Vanilla Bean Marshmallow is nothing special, but gets the job done extremely well!

-Kari Ann


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