Cat Jar Clinger

cat1I currently live in an area pretty far from a Yankee Candle store, so when I happen to be in an area near one….I have to drop in!

The My Favorite Things collection has become an annual holiday tradition from Yankee Candle…and I’m okay with that! Some of the accessories are part of the Whiskers on Kittens line, and I love cats!!!!

cat2Well, I saw this sleepy car jar clinger and had to buy it for myself! It is so cute, fits perfectly on large/medium jars and tumblers, and feels heavy and well made. And at $5.99, it seemed like a reasonable spurge!

I just wished I liked the Whiskers on Kittens scent!

-Kari Ann


One comment

  1. *GASP*!!! You don’t like W on K??!!? I was FINALLY able to buy a “back-up” jar of it once my store put them out for sale last week. I think it’s a lovely, light scent with a great throw. Yes, i’ll be buying one of the clingers, myself and I agree- they seem really well-made 🙂

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