Burt’s Bees

bb12This is a follow-up post from two I made earlier this year!

Jenna had given me a candle of Tropical Mango and wax cubes of Raspberry Lemon for Easter from the Burt’s Bees line of wax products.

I received so many emails with the same questions I had: Burt’s Bees has candles? Where can I find these?

I was so happy to hear how many people are just as obsessed with Burt’s Bees lip balm as me! I always have a tube in my pocket!

bb1So, last night when I went to Walmart to buy an air mattress…I snapped these photos of the TONS of Burt’s Bees products Walmart had in their candle section! You can zoom into the photo to get more information on scents and prices!

From my experience, the scent of these candles were great (simple and to the point), but the throws were only okay. I had mixed feelings on these….but am curious to try more!

As a quick note: they are soy wax based!

So, for Burt’s fanatics like me…Walmart is the seller of a multitude of candles and wax meltables! The wax cubes are slightly more expensive (~$3) than the Better Homes and Garden’s cubes ($2)…but bigger.

Happy Melting!

-Kari Ann


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