Peach Smoothie

I was so excited to try this Yankee Candle Simply Home tart of Peach Smoothie, although I did have low expectations.

peach smoothieSometimes I just “know” when a tart is going to be poor….and this one had all the pre-cursors. The tart itself was basically scentless, it was at least a year old, and I normally find peach-based scents to be light.

I was right!

The Scent: Even cold, I could not really smell this tart….so I cannot give this one a proper review! It did have a hint of creamy peach…sort of like a mash-up of Yankee Candle’s Juicy Peach and Dreamsicle… much promise! (based on that promise alone….B+)

The Throw: This one mind as well have been scentless. I got nothing…not even when I was right next to my tart warmer! F

So disappointing! Anyone else try this scent? Did I get a dud or is Peach Smoothie just another name for scentless?

-Kari Ann



  1. I was completely underwhelmed by this scent, as i was with Peach Cobbler. I think Juicy Peach is Yankee’s best Peach scent but, of course, it’s “retired”…

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