Sparkling Cinnamon

I love the smell of cinnamon! It is probably one of my favorite “wintertime” aromas.

sparkling cinnamonI’ve made it a habit to get a large jar or tumbler of Yankee Candle’s Sparkling Cinnamon every year at the winter Semi-Annual Sale. The scent is still great to burn in January (for all of you who burn in-season scents) and always has a great throw!

It’s also one of those scents that is still available to buy 1 or 2 weeks into the SAS. (Scents like Balsam & Cedar, for example, go fast and may last only a day).

The Scent: Cinnamon! It is a spicy, fresh stick of cinnamon scent with just a touch of sweetness. It’s somewhere in between Cinnamon Stick and Cinnamon Sugar. It’s just an overall pleasing scent that is ubiquitously loved and can also be layered with other scents. (Baking cookies?….suddenly your home smells like Snickerdoodles!) A

The Throw: I’ve only had great experiences with Sparkling Cinnamon. A medium to medium strong throw that will filled up a large room continuously. If you are looking for a perfect holiday aroma…this one is my classic go-to! A

Sparkling Cinnamon is a classic winter Yankee Candle scent for a reason. It has a great throw and is a perfect simple yet festive scent!

-Kari Ann



  1. Lovely post, this might have just persuaded me to use my Sparkling Cinnamon votive tonight. I ordered way too many fall scents and because I’ve been testing out the Yankee Xmas releases and some other brands I’ve not had chance to use them up 😦

    Kirstie x

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