Balsam Fir

This post is unintentionally starting a multi-part “pine” scent series.

Quick background: Whenever I ask my husband, “What candle scent should I pick tonight?”

balsam fir150% of the time he says “pine” and the other 50% he says “something nature-like” (which pine falls under the umbrella of).

Anyways, I seem to grab pine scents of all kinds for my husband…and me! I love the smell of conifer trees too!

Up first: Yankee Candle’s retired Balsam Fir

The Scent: A pretty standard pine scent. The overall experience was a poor throw, so even the cold sniff of this tart was basically scentless. Nothing special here, in my opinion. C-

The Throw: This one was weak, weak, weak. I could have melted an unscented cube of wax and gotten more scent. Not good! F

So, not a great start to my pine adventures….but the next one is a classic (Balsam & Cedar)!

-Kari Ann



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