Magical Frosted Forest

Okay, I have tried a ton of pine scents at this point, but Magical Frosted Forest is probably my current favorite! It has that special “something” that just makes your home feel warm and in the holiday spirit.

Magical Frosted ForestThis is the first ever scent that my husband proclaimed: “it smells so good in here right now!”

Now that’s a winner in my book!

The Scent: Fresh pine needles, a sap-filled pine cone, a touch of wintry air…this one is winter forest in a candle! It is so fresh…this one could fool a guest into thinking an artificial tree was real! A+

The Throw: Wow! This one filled up my living room, and drifted into my bathroom, for the entire day! Long-lasting and a solid medium-strong! It is not over-bearing, but not a background scent! A

I am obviously a fan on this scent!

-Kari Ann

PS: Up next for my pine chronicles is Christmas in Paris!



  1. I tried this scent last year in the hopes that it could be a readily available substitute for Christmas in Paris. I wasn’t overwhelmed by it in candle or tart form. I felt it was just missing something that Christmas in Paris has, and I thought the throw was weaker.
    Maybe, I’ll get the candle out soon and do a side-by-side comparison and give it another shot…

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