Gingerbread Maple

Gingerbread Maple is one of the new 2015 Winter/Holiday scents from Yankee Candle.

I have to admit, I had some reserves. In the past, most “maple” blends by Yankee Candle have been overwhelmingly maple. As a New Englander, and wife of guy who lived in Vermont for a few years, I am ashamed to say….I don’t like maple scents all that much.

gingerbread mapleThe Scent: The spicy gingerbread is the star of this scent! I get a zing of grated ginger root, some ground clove, and maybe a dash of allspice. The maple note is very subtle, just adding a slight sweetness! Surprisingly warm and welcoming! To me, this is more of a spice scent than a dessert scent. B

The Throw: The throw, for me, was only okay at best. A light medium that faded into the background a little too easily for my liking. But, it was one of those scents that when you walk into the room, you can smell the subtle ginger notes before it fades from memory. So a great background scent, especially when having guests over! C

Gingerbread Maple was listed as a “best seller” when I was browsing online on Black Friday. That means people have got to like it (all marketing aside). I, on the other hand, found it to be okay, nothing special, but nothing really bad.

Sometimes C graded scents are okay…I know I am very sensitive to certain scents and can get horrible headaches at times. When I have guests over, scents like this are great to warm up my home while not worrying that I’m making my friends sick!

-Kari Ann


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