Berry Trifle

I was talking with a colleague about a month ago and somehow Yankee Candle came up. We both sort of agreed that for some reason, nothing has really excited us from Yankee candle in the past year or so.

I do have to admit that I currently live about an hour away from a Yankee Candle store as well as a Homegoods….so I don’t get to browse as often.

But I remember a few years ago how Jenna and I would be on the prowl to be the first to snag a newly released scent or to discover what the new Treasures would be.

berry truffleDon’t get me wrong, I still love Yankee Candle….but I’ve been missing that “this new scent is amazing” feeling.

Enter Berry Trifle.

The Scent: Amazingness! It smells like berries and cream! The berry note is sweet, but has a little zangy punch, and it’s smoothed out with a sweet vanilla whipped cream. Whether you like fruit-based or dessert-based scents, this one hits all the right notes! A

The Throw: Wonderful! This tart filled up my living room for many hours, and then some, in a solid medium! A perfect Friday night scent! A-

This is probably my favorite new scent from Yankee this year! I have read that many of the tumblers are having burning issues…but this tart was stellar!

-Kari Ann


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