Everyday Luxe: Bath

I have really been missing Homegoods. I currently live in an area that is at least an hour away from a TJMaxx/Homegoods/Marshalls, not to mention across a toll bridge!

BathAnyways, the Everyday Luxe brand, carried in Homegoods, is one of my favorites. Great quality, many amazing scents, and very affordable!

This past weekend, I found myself across the bridge visiting a friend, who was burning the Everyday Luxe scent Bath.

The Scent: Bath is a mix of sea salt and bamboo. The ultimate relaxing combination. It was fresh and clean, just like a trip to the spa! B+

The Throw: As always, Everyday Luxe impresses. A medium throw that was present throughout their kitchen. It is likely a great scent for a small to mid-sized room. B

Bath is part of a “room” collection by Everyday Luxe (example, there is a bedroom, living room, etc). This is probably the favorite one I’ve smelled in this line. Perfect for a light yet fresh scent.

-Kari Ann


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