Danish Butter Cookie

DBC1Danish Butter Cookie is food-based World Journey scent from Yankee Candle. It typically can be found around the winter holidays in Homegoods or a YC outlet.

I have reviewed this one  before. There is just something about the smell of butter cookies that brings on childhood memories of Christmas Eve!

My medium tumbler of Danish Butter Cookie is a bit older (5 years) from when World Journeys had two labels. The first label is the one still used today with three pictures featuring the place, and the second had a small story.

DBC2The Scent: A butterscotch, sugary, and extra buttery cookie. It smells like your entire house is actually a small bakery! The cookie note is warm and will have you convinced cookies are in the oven. It is very sweet and that butterscotch note makes it unique from a sugar cookie. The closest scent I can relate it to is Shortbread (and that’s a stretch). *B+

The Throw: My entire living room, hallway, and even bathroom was filled with the aroma of cookies. This one has a strong throw! You will smell this one, even in a large room! A

DBC3*okay, a note about the scent. Traditionally, I have always loved Danish Butter Cookie. But, just like how tastes change, I think my scent preference is changing. Sweet scents just do not have the same appeal anymore!

Danish Butter Cookie is sweet, also syrupy. It still smells nice, but was a little “too much” at times for me!

Anyone else start to dislike a scent they loved….even without a change in oils?

-Kari Ann


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