Warm Apple Pie

I hadn’t bought any of the ScentSationals wax cubes from Walmart in a while…so I have been out of the loop on the newer scents and packaging.

One that I bought was Warm Apple Pie.

Before I give my review, I have to give my husband’s take. He loved this scent, telling me on two different occasions: “What scent is this, I really like it.” It also got a “you should get this one again” and a “I could smell it in the drive way.”

apple pieThis never happens. Usually I only know if my husband likes a scent after I ask him a few times. He very rarely tells me he likes a scent! So this one was an A++++ in his book.

My turn!

The Scent: Okay, I was torn. It did smell great. Cinnamon, apples, buttery crust. But there was also an almost rum-like note that I found to be both unique and a tad strange. It did smell like apple pie, but in a different way to most standard apple pie scents. B+

The Throw: Wow. Now this is a strong one. It filled up my entire house, and as my husband said, could even been detected before you walk into the house. Yet it was never over-bearing or headache-inducing. Wonderful. A+

Overall, this one was a winner in my house!

-Kari Ann


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