50 Shades of Grey Candle

Okay, first I have to say that I have not read 50 Shades of Grey or seen the movie. Just not my thing.

50-1But, this heavily discounted candle from Target caught my eye! When the 50 Shades movie came out last year, Target sold a few “sensual” items like this candle. Originally, it was a whopping $18…but at 70% off, it was a curious splurge!

The scent of the candle was “Christian Grey” which was actually not that bad. A masculine scent that was a much lighter and simpler version of Midsummer’s Night.

But the “50 Shades” focus of this scent was the “massage me” aspect. As the wax melted, it was supposed to be used a a massage oil. Weird.

Okay, so how’d this bizarre pop culture candle do?

50-2The Scent: Cold, it was okay, like a standard masculine cologne. But once lit, all I could smell was a burning wick. Yes, this candle smelled like something was burning. Paranoia ensued! F

The Throw: Well, if you count the throw of a burnt wick, still not that great. Terrible!

Unfortunately, this candle also kept drowning itself, so it never stayed lit for more that 20 minutes. I tried to scoop out melted wax with that handy spoon it came with….but it still drown.

And the scent of my house on fire did not prompt me to try harder.

50-3So what about the massage oil? I didn’t try it…except perhaps for the chunky and oily wax I got on my hands while trying to fix it!

So, 50 Shades the candle was a terrible failure. I did not have high expectations, but I still expected it to be a functional candle.

-Kari Ann


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