Apple Pie

Who doesn’t love Apple Pie?

Back in 2010, just when I started getting really into candle’s, Yankee Candle released Apple Pie as a new fall scent.

apple pie ycI immediately fell in love…only to learn my first lesson that most scents do not return after their premier. Sure enough, Apple Pie was retired that year (and Apple Cider became the fall seasonal apple blend.)

Anyway’s, I managed to grab a large tumbler of Apple Pie before it disappeared! I finally have broken down and Apple Pie is my current scent of choice.

The Scent: Wonderful! A warm, buttery crust, soft apples, a blend of autumn spices…it smells like dessert on Thanksgiving! A

The Throw: It is a medium…not too strong, but absolutely not weak. It fills up my living room with that medium throw that does fade into the background once your nose gets used to it. But it is warm and a perfect ambiance scent. B

If you missed out on Apple Pie, the closest Yankee Candle scent to it, in my opinion, is Apple Strudel from the My Favorite Things line.

It’s Apple Pie! How could it not be part of a fall line-up?

-Kari Ann



  1. I think I missed this one because I didn’t start getting back into yankee until 2011 (Buttercream was my first love in college). I have a World Journey’s German Apple Strudel that I’m excited to try soon. Merry Christmas!

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