Apple Crumble

Happy New Year! I inevitably will be moving again in 2016….destination to be determined! (‘Tis the life of a young scientist).

Anyways, still I have an impeding move, I am trying to limit my candle purchases! Last time I moved, I have 4 VERY heavy boxes.

apple crumbleBut, to kick off the new year, I decided to melt a tart of Apple Crumble from the Yankee Candle Home Classics line.

The Scent: Delightful! It is a spiced apple scent with traces of vanilla and butter. It is slightly reminiscent of Warm Apple Strudel, but not quite as good as my beloved Apple Pie. The apple note is definitely dominant. A-

The Throw: Fairly weak, I’d say a light throw that barely filled up my living room. It was one of those scents that your nose gets used to right away and you forget you have a tart melting. C-

So, the scent was great, an acceptable substitute for an apple strudel scent, but be warned that the throw will leave you wishing it was a bit stronger!

-Kari Ann


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