Cherries on Snow

Yesterday, I was in Massachusetts for Jenna’s Bridal Shower! I let my creative juices flow and made the decor. After, we all went back to her apartment and watched the Patriots.

cherriesThe candle scent of choice: Cherries on Snow from Yankee Candle….on of Jenna’s favorites!

The Scent: This is a great fruit scent! It smells like a cherry snowcone! The cherry note is sweet (and nothing resembling cough syrup!) and has a touch of extra sugar that makes it smell like cherry Popsicle rather than just a cherry scent! A-

The Throw: Wonderful! This is a scent the will fill up any size room with a solid medium throw! This one is consistent…I’ve only had good experiences with Cherries on Snow! A-

While I’ll never understand why Cherries on Snow is a winter scent (seriously, called it Cherry Slushie and it could be a summer scent), it is definitely one to try if you like fruit scents!

How cute was this gift! Jenna is getting married in only 47 days now!
I made the centerpieces in the theme: a winter wonderland!
The cake, made from a local bakery, was funetti!

-Kari Ann



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