Mini-Rant: Discontinued Products

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Lately, we have received quite a few questions regarding Yankee Candle’s now discontinued Fresh Burst.  Yankee Candle released their Fresh Burst product around the summer of 2014, and now, about a year and a half later, they are no where to be found. Even their website says “no product found.”

So if you bought a ~$10 Fresh Burst unit, you are out of luck for getting refills…and even the Amazon and Ebay selections are dwindling and overpriced.

This is not the first time Yankee Candle has discontinued a refill-based product.

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Enter the Scentstories Disc Player

Originally a Frebreze product, Yankee Candle bought and sold the Scentstories player and scent discs about a decade ago. Jenna and I chipped in around the Christmas of 2007 (give or take a year) to buy my mother a disc player and some discs for Christmas. The player was priced between $25 to $35 and each disc was $10.

How it worked: Each disc had 5 scents. The Scentstories player was like a CD player, except instead of music, it dispersed a scent. A fan of warmed air would blow one scent at a time. The typical setting was that each scent would “play” for 30 minutes, so you would get 2.5 hours of scent for each session. (and each disc would get a few plays before the oils were depleted.)

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Discs were sold as a theme, for example, the Holiday themed disc featured 5 Yankee Candle holiday scents.

The throws of these discs were just okay….to be honest, they did not disperse too far and were better for a small room. But they were flameless, as the unit plugged in, so you could place it in a kitchen or a bathroom.

My mother LOVED this. She would play the discs on a table by her couch for hours on end.

Unfortunately, Yankee Candle shorty after that Christmas discontinued the Scentstories Player and discs. Jenna and I ran around that year trying to get my mother a supply of refills….but by the following year, it was pretty much impossible to find refills. Today, you can still find some overpriced (and likely stale) discs on Ebay). The Scentstories player is worthless; I think my mother has since tossed it.

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I understand that products discontinue, but it seemed to just disappear without much warning. At that time, I was an undergradute student working only part time at minimum wage (with lots of bills), so spending ~$25 for this player PLUS $10 a piece for discs was a huge expense. Actually, that STILL is a huge expense for even my current salary!

My mother loved the unit, but in retrospect, I wish I returned it. Yankee Candle discontinued the discs that year during the semi-annual sale… my mother only got to use this for less than a year before it was obsolete!

I feel the same way about the Fresh Burst. People bought these units that are now utterly worthless. I wish that units could be returned for some type of refund or that Yankee Candle would continue to sell refills for a grace period to allow users to stock up…even if it’s online only.

Wishful thinking! Until then, the Fresh Burst will fall into the void of forgotten products, just like the Scentstories Player.

-Kari Ann



  1. I pretty much saw this coming as i read a memo a couple of weeks ago at my store saying that the Fresh Burst bases and refills were to be pulled from store displays and placed in stock rooms until further notice. This coincided with the start of the most recent SAS. We then had ours out at our 75% off display during the SAS. Now i wish i’d grabbed some refills but they really didn’t have any scents that turned me on. Hopefully i can recycle the stupid thing (the base is plastic). They’ll probably sit in our backroom, like the Relaxing Rituals tarts, etc., until someone takes the initiative (HA!!!) to do something with them (toss them or whatever). I’m not even sure Outlets are taking them at this point as retail stores can no longer just send them anything. Retail’s weird…

  2. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel the Scenterpiece will end up discontinued. It is just so big and who wants that sitting on your counter. Plus $5 a cup is expensive. Just like when they tried to change the tarts to jar shape.

    • I have a Scenterpiece and thought the cost of the cups was high. I have bought a few of the cups and once the scent is out I remove the wax from the cup and place a tart melt in it and it works perfectly. The cup will hold 2 tarts at a time just let the 1st melt before adding the 2nd. I buy the tarts when they are on sale for $1 – now I am not limited to their choice of fragrance.

  3. I am so mad about this. However, my local store is having a big sale after New Year’s and said they have some in the attic that they may pull down. So go ask your stores and quick!!!!

  4. I feel your pain – I gave them as gifts and folks are asking me where to buy refills. As you said YC doesn’t have. They referred me to Amazon where they are selling for over $20 plus shipping. EBAY is just as bad. Hope they don’t do this with the meltcups – stocking up on them now!

  5. I’m still upset about the Fresh Burst being discontinued. I will stock up on the tarts because the cups are two costly for me. Really am mad about it though.

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