Scentbeads Cinnamon Roll

Yesterday, I decided to try a Scentbeads tart of Cinnamon Roll.

cinrollScentbeads are  sold in Walgreens and a few other places…but you can also find them at Yankee Candle Outlets. The Scentbead brand is actually a division of Yankee Candle and people seem to really like them!

The Scent: Well, this tart had a strong maple scent and nothing really else. I did not get any notes of cinnamon and it did not resemble a bakery treat to me. But, the maple note was quite nice, in fact, one of the best maple-based scents I’ve ever tried. So the scent fails at being a cinnamon roll, but after the maple shock, was pretty nice. (Tricky grading…I say it earns a C for effort) C

The Throw: Near perfection! It took a little while to take off, maybe 30 minutes, but once it did, my entire living room was filled with a maple scent. It even drifted into my kitchen. It was a medium-strong, but not over-bearing. (Too strong scents give me a headache). A

Overall, I liked Scentbeads, but this scent should be called Maple not Cinnamon Roll. I was sad when Yankee Candle retired their Cinnamon Roll scent after only one season…and this is definitely not a replacement. But, if you like Maple Pancakes, give this a try.

Or maybe I got a mislabeled tart? Guess I’ll have to try it again!

-Kari Ann


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