Vanilla Snowflake

vsf1My mom gave me Vanilla Snowflake from Bath & Body Works for Christmas!

First off, I love the color! That icy blue is pretty close to the blue color in Jenna’s upcoming wedding (and her bridal shower!)

I also really like the snowflake cover! B&BW has been crushing it with pretty candle covers!

The Scent: Don’t let the name fool you, this is a vanilla mint scent and it is perfection! The vanilla is the dominant note, but the mint is ever-present and icy cool! If you like Yankee Candle’s North Pole, give this one a try! A-

vsf2The Throw: Very nice, I’d say a medium. It fills up a pretty large room with with a scent that can be detected the entire time it’s lit. It is a bit more subdued compared to other B&BW candles, but definitely a solid throw! B+

Overall, I am really enjoying Vanilla Snowflake! And it definitely fits in as a winter/holiday scent!

-Kari Ann


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