Sun Tea

I bought this tart of Sun Tea from the Yankee Candle Home Classics line at an outlet store a few months ago.

sun teaI actually have never heard the term sun tea…I had to look it up! I learned that sun tea is iced tea, just the tea is steeped outside in the heat of the summer sun. From my search, I also learned that sun tea is debated whether it’s healthy or not since bacteria can thrive during that steeping process.

I digress…..this one was disappointing!

The Scent: It seemed kind of ‘stale.’ The tea notes came off as being waxy with a slight scent of lemon and brewed tea. I am not sure if this tart was just old or if Sun Tea is just a bland scent. D+

The Throw: I’d put this at a light to light-medium throw. It started out slow, but weirdly, after a few hours, the scent seemed to pick up slightly. Nothing special. C-

Not sure what to think of this one….my guess, the tart was old and stale. Regardless, it did not remind me of Tea & Honey, so I was disappointed!

-Kari Ann



  1. Not at all surprised! I melted the same tart a few months ago and was very much under-whelmed, as i usually am with anything from the Home Classics line; so much so that i’ve decided not to buy them any longer. They’re just a complete waste of $$, in my opinion. Bland, waxy scents for the most part though there are exceptions (Happy Spring, Indigo Flower, Pine Cone Wreath…). I want to like this line of Yankee product but i just don’t any longer…

    • I’m so happy you say that! I remmeber about..ek…seven or eight years ago, the Home Classics line was great. I had two jars (a smoothie scent and a beachy scent that are discontinued) and they would fill up my apartment. Now though, every scent I’ve tried has just seemed a dud, almost like it was sitting in a warehouse for years! Waste of money indeed!

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