Soap Review: London

I really missed out this year on Bath & Body Work’s winter/holiday collection. (Well, I guess it’s last year now!)

london soapTheir Joy to the World Collection had new candle scents and a fun soap line. I only discovered this collection at the tail end of the Semi-Annual Sale when most of the candles were gone. But, I was lucky to grab a bunch of the foaming soaps!

Up for February: London Tea Time Shortbread

The Scent: I am in love with this scent…why isn’t it a candle?! It is a lovely shortbread cookie scent filled with cherry jam with a hint of toasted almond. It is light, fruity, buttery…but not too much of a dessert scent (That’d be bad for a soap!). I love it! A

So, I obviously love this London scent. As a scent profile, it would go so well with the tea & lemon candle version!

-Kari Ann


Kari Ann

Kari Ann is an environmental scientist and Boston girl living on the Delmarva peninsula. Besides candles, she loves cats, running, and trying local craft brews.

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