Goose Creek: Sipping Tea

The first wax melt I tried from Goose Creek is Sipping Tea!

My first impression: it doesn’t remind me of tea, but it smells great!

sipping teaEach wax costs $4, but I bought them on sale for $2.50 each. The wax melt can be broken into 6 wedges; so far I’ve been melting two wedges at a time and getting at least 2 tealights of great throw!

The Scent: A fruity burst with a slight soft scent of chamomile tea. I can definitely smell citrus, but other than that, this scent is just a nice fruit-filled blend. B

The Throw: Incredible! Completely fills up my living room and hallway with a medium-strong throw! The scent lasts a while (at least 2 tealights ~8-10 hours) and the throw starts to fill up the room within 10 minutes! A+

So far, Goose Creek has impressed me!

-Kari Ann



  1. Ohh, I was hoping that you’d review Sipping tea:) Too bad there’s not much tea scent to it. I wish one of the wax brands would put out an authentic tea scent in the cubes!

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