Jelly Beans

Easter is a month away, so Yankee Candle has their Easter-theme scents in stores and online. I always find myself gravitating towards this seasonal collection because of the fun pastel colors.

jelly beanJelly Beans stands out from this mix with its deep purple color….I had to retry this one! I reviewed this scent last year and gave it a pretty dismal scent grade of a D+. But I love that colorful sticker and the pleasant spring-like weather convinced me to melt Jelly Beans last night.

What did I think? Is it still a D+/A- (scent/throw)?

The Scent: Well, a D+ was a tad harsh, but my opinion remains the same. Jelly Beans is just a strong grape candy scent. It borders between over-sweet grape soda and grape cough syrup. Not my idea of a handful of jelly beans. C-

The Throw: Same grade here! The throw is pretty great! Medium-strong and fills up a large room for hours. A-

What a shame. With a name like Jelly Beans, you’d think it would be a fruit salad and sugar mash-up. Where’s the sweet and tart lemon, what about the cherry? Why is grape the only jelly bean represented and why is it overbearingly sweet?


-Kari Ann



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