Goose Creek: Blueberry Cake Donut

The next wax melt I tried from my Goose Creek order is: Blueberry Cake Donut!

BCDI have to be honest, I always find blueberry-based scents to be a tad on the artificial side. It’s too bad, blueberry is just one of those scents where the “fake” version is now the “expected” scent (and candy flavor).

The Scent: Even though the blueberry note is on the artificial side, it is one of the better blueberry wax scents I’ve tried! The blueberry note is the most dominant, but it did have a slight vanilla undertone. Personally, I did not get any cake or donut from this one…but overall still nice! B-

The Throw: Once again, Goose Creek impresses me! It is a medium throw that instantly melts and starts to fill my living room! No complaints here! A

So, the throw was impressive, but I did not love the scent. This is one I’m glad I tried but would not buy again.

-Kari Ann


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