Yankee Candle: Flowers in the Sun

Flowers in the Sun is one of Yankee Candle’s new Spring 2016 scents.

Before I start my review, I have to say that I hate floral-based scents. I only bought Flowers in the Sun because it was one of the new scents.

flowers in the sunUnfortunately, I did not like Flowers in the Sun….so if you like floral scents, I encourage you to read my review with a grain of salt!

The Scent: As you would expect, it smelled like flowers. In my opinion, it smells like a combination of a florist shop on Valentine’s Day, a perfume counter, and a warm meadow filled with spring blooms. So not all bad, but is a “hit you in the face” type of floral scent. There was a touch of Spring Days in this one, but it just was not for me. D-

The Throw: Well, the throw was great…too great. This one instantly gave me a headache. Maybe it was the scent or maybe it was the throw strength…anyways, I had to stop melting this one. Within 10 minutes, my entire living room was completely transformed into a flower shop and I needed an asprin. This one was strong! (A+ for throw, F for the headache it caused)

So, as I expected, I hated Flowers in the Sun. But I’m glad I tried it. The throw was strong, but it gave me a wicked bad headache…..but if you like floral scents, it may be worth a try!

-Kari Ann



  1. I’ve much enjoyed reading your blog! As a UK YC fanatic, I’m pl asked to see that most of your reviews suit my personal scent taste. Flowers in the Sun also gave me a bit of a headache.
    Over in the US you seem to be spoiled for choice by many different & exciting fragrances that don’t touch these shores ( unless a special ).
    My youngest son absolutely loves Sun & Sand, but it was here for just a short while. Now only for sale in the US ( aside from a few being sold at large profit).

    Thank you for so many great reviews, and I’ll keep checking in!

    • Hi Sandra, thank you! You are not alone – a few other people in the UK have mentioned that many of the scents I review are not available to them. I hope YC expands their lines overseas! 🙂

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