Goose Creek: Golden Peach Vanilla

I love peach anything! It’s one of my favorite fruits! And grilled peaches on vanilla ice cream has got to be one of the best summertime desserts I have ever tried.

Note to self: buy some peaches to grill this weekend.

IMG_20160313_180310053Anyways, I tried Goose Creek’s Golden Peach Vanilla this past week and loved it!

The Scent: Incredible! This is the best peach scent I have ever tried. In my experience, most peach scented candles come off as artificial and waxy. Not this one! Sweet and bright peaches lightly soaked in brown sugar syrup. The touch of vanilla gives it a “creamsicle-like” scent that is just superb. A+

The Throw: This one knocks it out of the park. It instantly filled up my living room with a strong, but not over-bearing, throw. Two wax wedges lasted through multiple tealights! A+

So, Golden Peach Vanilla is easily one of my favorite wax scents I’ve melted in a while. I’ll be buying this one again!

-Kari Ann


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